The only company to offer the "All you can fly" Unlimited Lease 



We call our "All you can Fly" option the Unlimited Lease.*  The idea is simple - fly the aircraft as much as you like & pay one simple monthly payment.  We cover engine and propeller reserves up to a generous base yearly allocation, for hours over that all you pay is the engine and propeller reserves (about $11 an hour, depending on model for a typical piston single).

This simplifies budgeting while providing an incentive to fly the aircraft as much as you can in order to maximize your profit margin.

We are a small family owned business based in Montana that has owned and operated dozens of training aircraft for many years, including a number of aircraft leased to major corporate flight schools.  We are one of the only U.S. companies that also leases training aircraft to Canada. 

*Lease Terms and Conditions vary, Lease Terms are subject to the Aircraft Lease Agreement.